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Thank you for your support!
$5 Bumper Stickers
Our vibrant bumper stickers are a great way to show your support.
Your vehicle will be the envy of the neighbourhood and your money goes directly to helping the animals in our care.
Dimensions are   11in x 3in  or  28cm x 7 3/4cm
$10 DNA My Dog
$10 DNA My Dog
DNA My Dog has arrived at the Rescue. Purchase a DNA My Dog kit from us for $10 and support your favourite rescue as well as finding out why your dog looks and acts the way it does.
Swab the inside of your dogs mouth and include a small Lab fee of $58.99 to be paid to DNA My Dog. They send you the results in about 2 weeks.
Send us an email to for more information.
Magnets, Dishcloths & Keychains

Homemade items for sale! All proceeds go to the RESCUE! These items are available in the Grande Prairie area and adoption events. Please contact the rescue or Tanya Crane if you are interested. Thank You!

Vinyl Decals - $5 Each